You may only require cover for a one-off shipment or you may require cover on an annual basis for multiple shipments anywhere in the world – either way we are able to advise you on the right policy and terms to protect both the goods themselves in shipment as well as the cost of freight and in some cases an element of profit. Cover can be arranged door-to-door or only from the point of loading to offloading at a port depending on what your contract of sale requires.

We can provide cover for almost anything travelling either internationally or domestically within the UK whether this is by road, rail, sea or air and can include both temporary and long-term storage during or at the end of the process. A policy will typically include cover for fire and explosion, accidental damage, loss of goods, theft, sinking, grounding and stranding, heavy weather, piracy, war and strikes and road traffic accidents.

Marine Cargo

Key areas of cover include:

  • Choose from either a single one-off transit or an annual policy covering all your transits

  • Cover available from factory door to your door or just port to port as required

  • Option to include freight costs and a percentage on top of cost price to allow for administration costs

  • Monthly instalment facilities available (for annual policies only)