As a director, financial controller, or a person with a position of significant influence in either a company or a not-for-profit organisation then growing regulation and the increasingly claims-conscious society that we now live in means that every decision you make can potentially open you up personally to expensive claims and legal costs even if you are an unpaid volunteer.

With the associated legal defence costs, even winning a legal case can be an expensive process and we can provide you with the right cover to protect both your organisation and your personal assets from claims resulting from wrongful acts.

Directors & Officers Liability

Key areas of cover include:

  • Protection against the personal assets of Directors and other key personnel

  • Market leading policy cover available from financially strong insurers

  • Wide choice of policy excess in return for a discount

  • Choose from as little as a £250,000 limit of indemnity right up to £5,000,000 - higher limits are also available in some circumstances

  • Exceptional claims service

  • Monthly instalment facilities available